Why eBrake is the Perfect Fleet Solution to Prevent Distracted Driving

Since launching eBrake for Fleets late 2017, eBrake has been busy meeting with private and public fleets in Canada, the United States, and even Japan (yes distracted driving is a big problem all over the world), learning how interested they are in not only keeping their drivers safe, but all employees safe. It's reassuring to see entities like this choose to make a difference and contribute to safer roads and safer communities. We hope to make some big announcements soon!

Texting while driving is one of the largest dangers for fleet drivers on the road and distracted driving crashes not only impact lives but a company's bottom line - exposure to liability and collision damages caused by distracted driving can cost a company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

What's attracting fleets to eBrake?

Some refer to eBrake as elegant. Others comment that eBrake is simple to use. All fleets have stated that eBrake is truly effective because, unlike other solutions out there, it cannot be "gamed" or simply "turned off" by a driver when driving. Here are a few eBrake features for fleets.

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  • Automatically locks device when motion is detected
  • Unique Passenger Unlock Test for when a driver happens to be a passenger
  • Driver cannot pretend to be a passenger and unlock device when driving
  • Easily deployed through Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms
  • No additional hardware needed

eBrake completely eliminates the temptation for a fleet driver to pick up and use his device - be it to text, check social media, watch video ... anything. Not only does this greatly reduce the chances of a distracted driving-related crash, it gives fleet owners peace of mind knowing their drivers (and brand) are safe.

eBrake has been featured on the Globe and Mail and on Global TV News.

Visit eBrake.ca for more information.