Vancouver-made app cracks down on distracted driving

Originally published here.

Vancouver-based eBrake Technologies Inc., makers of a distracted-driving app for iOS and Android smartphones, has partnered with the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) to provide member drivers with the technology.

The goal is to promote safety and raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, which kills nearly 1.6 million people and injures 50 million more a year globally.

Currently available to fleets and insurance companies globally, eBrake is the only system that automatically locks a driver’s mobile device when vehicle motion is detected, yet allows passengers to use their devices without restriction.

Once activated, incoming texts and calls to the driver’s device are silenced and the driver is prevented access. Only 911 calls can be made. Passengers can use their smartphones by completing a proprietary unlock test, something the driver can’t do while driving.

Incoming messages or calls can be met with a customized automated response letting people know the driver is busy driving. eBrake founder and CEO Troy Spracklin said the company is in discussions with a number of fleet companies around the globe.