Thomas J. Henry Wins $45.3 Million Verdict For Texas Woman Injured In Company Vehicle Accident

The case involved a collision between Mickey Hunt, an employee of JC Fodale Energy Services, LLC, a privately held oilfield services company, and 35-year-old Jenny Hennes. The accident occurred in 2015 when Thomas J. Henry’s client, Jenny Hennes, was travelling southbound on I-35 in San Antonio.

Hennes was in stop-and-go traffic when she was rear-ended by Mickey Hunt’s SUV. Hennes’ vehicle was pushed off the road into the left-hand median. She suffered neck, back, and shoulder injuries as a result of the wreck.

Mickey Hunt and JC Fodale denied responsibility for the crash; but, over the course of nearly three weeks of trial and after hearing from plaintiff’s cell phone experts and safety experts, the jury sided with Mrs. Hennes. The jury decided that the wreck was caused by a lack of safety management through the company’s corporate executives and by Mr. Hunt’s failure to drive carefully under the circumstances.

Hunt claimed this rear-end collision was caused by traffic slowing or stopping abruptly. Yet, it was revealed during the trial that the defendant driver was on his cell phone immediately before the collision and in the previous months before the wreck had been a “heavy user” of his cell phone while driving.

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