Stop trying to multitask while driving. Take the test.

Picture yourself behind the wheel of a car. At normal highway speed, you're going more than 30 metres in a second. Concentration can be a matter of life and death. But within reach there's often a device designed for distraction.

Are you a distracted driver? Probably. Here’s why
If you think you can focus on both your phone and the road, you’re wrong. Here’s a stark look at what you’re up against when your attention is divided, and what’s being done to address this deadly problem

eBrake, is uniquely positioned to help reduce distracted driving in fleets.

Download the app at the Google Play Store and ask for a free activation code.

eBrake is an effective tool to protect against distracted driving because, unlike other solutions in the market, eBrake cannot be "gamed" or simply "turned off" by a driver when driving. It blocks a driver from using their device while driving AND removes incoming notification distractions.

Here are a few eBrake features:

  • Automatically locks device when motion is detected
  • Blocks incoming notifications / distractions
  • Driver cannot unlock device when driving
  • No hardware
  • Very inexpensive
  • Easily deployed to fleet mobile devices through company MDMs (mobile device management platforms)

eBrake completely eliminates the temptation for a driver to pick up and use his device - be it to text, check social media, FaceTime ... anything.