Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board unveiled its “Most Wanted” list of safety enhancements recently and three of the 10 focused on driver behaviours that could help reduce the annual death toll on the roadways that now exceed 37,000 a year.

Another four spotlight such things as sleepy drivers, better anti-collision technology and mandating seat belts on buses and other types of vehicles.

#1 on the list - distracted driving!

Watch the video here.

The List

  1. Eliminate distractions from electronic devices.
  2. Drug/alcohol impairment.
  3. Safe shipment of hazardous materials.
  4. Automated train braking.
  5. Charter flight safety.
  6. Reduce speeding.
  7. Collision-avoidance systems.
  8. Fatigue-related accidents.
  9. Require medical fitness.
  10. Strengthen occupant protections.

New technologies like eBrake are becoming very attractive to combat the distracted driving problem. Unlike other solutions in the market, eBrake cannot be "gamed" or simply "turned off" by a driver when driving. Here are a few eBrake features:

  • Automatically locks device when motion is detected
  • Unique Passenger Unlock Test for when a driver happens to be a passenger
  • Driver cannot pretend to be a passenger and unlock device when driving
  • No hardware needed
  • Cost effective

eBrake completely eliminates the temptation for a driver to pick up and use his device - be it to text, check social media, watch video ... anything. Not only does this greatly reduce the chances of a distracted driving-related crash, it gives fleet owners peace of mind knowing their drivers (and brand) are safe.