eBrake Launches New Distracted Driving Solution for Fleets & Corporations; Announces US Sales Channel Partnership

Vancouver, BC – eBrake Technologies Inc. (eBrake) today announced the launch of a new smartphone distracted driving solution for fleets and corporations. The new solution, available now, enables fleet owners and responsible businesses to better protect employees from distracted driving, contribute to safer roads, and reduce the number of crash-related claims.

eBrake is the only hardware-free distracted driving solution for iOS and Android that completely blocks a driver from using their device while driving, without impacting passengers. When eBrake detects motion, it locks the device and can block incoming notifications. To unlock the device, one must complete eBrake’s unique and proprietary Passenger Unlock Test - something a driver cannot complete while driving.

eBrake’s new distracted driving solution addresses a significant problem in the fleet industry today. According to a new report published by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), protecting employees from crashes could be a profitable investment for businesses. The cost of crashes to US fleet employers was $47 billion in 2013 – with $8.4 billion directly related to distracted driving accidents. eBrake will significantly contribute to reducing costs from these accidents.

“Unlike many other solutions in the market, eBrake is unique in that you can’t pretend to be a passenger and simply turn it off while driving,” said Colin Osing, Co-Founder and CMO of eBrake Technologies. “eBrake actually prevents texting and device usage when a vehicle is in motion, making it a very cost effective solution for companies looking to protect drivers and employees from distracted driving.”

eBrake also announced a new partnership with US-based Conduco Group to accelerate sales of this new solution in the United States. Conduco Group is an enterprise sales channel organization with years of experience and relationships with commercial fleets, wireless carriers, device manufacturers, and large retail organizations.

“Incidents of distracted driving accidents and fatalities have increased substantially in the US,” said Peter Alai, Co-Founder & Partner at Conduco Group. “Fleet managers, concerned parents, and insurance companies are all looking for more effective ways to eliminate the temptation to focus on mobile devices rather than the road. It’s a critical problem right now for which eBrake has a fantastic solution. We see a huge opportunity for eBrake in this capacity and we look forward to partnering with them to help make our roads safer.”

To learn more about eBrake, visit eBrake.ca.

Offical North American press release can be read here.

About eBrake

eBrake Technologies Inc. is mobile application development company founded June 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. eBrake is a technology upgrade for Android and iOS smartphones developed to combat distracted driving. Unlike other distracted driving solutions that allow drivers to use their smartphone while driving, eBrake is the only technology that automatically locks the driver's device when motion is detected but grants passengers unrestricted use. To unlock the device, one must complete eBrake's proprietary Passenger Unlock Test. No hardware necessary.

About Conduco Group

Conduco Group was formed to help businesses achieve their growth potential both on their own and in working with other partners. Focused on both sell-in and sell-thru of your products or services, Conduco Group utilizes its expertise and broad base of industry contacts to provide a fact based perspective to grow one's business. To learn more about Conduco Group, visit Conducogroup.com.