Distracted driving needs to stop — now

What is it going to take to get motorists to put away their mobile devices while driving?

This is a question that police departments, government agencies, automotive associations (including the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association) and insurance companies have been grappling with for more than a decade.

In fact, it’s a question I ask myself frequently as well, when I see motorists chatting on their cellphones without the aid of a hands-free device, and sneaking a peak at their phones when they are stopped at a traffic light.

Despite the police crackdowns to catch offenders and media blitzes to enlighten the public, distracted driving continues to be the most life-threatening behaviour on our roads.

Experts have been debating the issue of distracted driving for years. Some reports suggest that technology is to blame, that our always-on connectivity is highly addictive. This may partly explain the high percentage of drivers who continue to break the law when it comes to mobile devices and driving.

In Ontario, for the fourth straight year, distracted driving is the leading factor in fatal road accidents (65) investigated by the OPP. According to the Ontario government, “One person is injured in a distracted-driving collision every half-hour.”

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