Delving into Distracted Driving

When driving, do you pick the phone up? Unlock it? See who’s texting you? And, maybe, respond?

If so, you’ll be one of millions of drivers around the world who have been distracted by technology while behind the wheel. But the simple act of picking up a cellphone can be catastrophic: Drivers are six times more likely to crash from distraction than from driving drunk.

In California, distraction is a factor in 80 percent of crashes. And the National Traffic Safety Administration finds that drivers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to be in a traffic crash than those who let their phones be.


So why is distracted driving so dangerous? According to the graphic above "because smartphones require using your hands, eyes, and brain, all at the same time. There's not a lot of you left to drive the vehicle".

At eBrake, we realized this from the beginning and designed a special augmented reality-based Passenger Unlock Test that a driver simply cannot complete while driving, thus, he is unable to unlock his device when motion is detected. eBrake's proprietary unlock test also requires your hands (thumbs from both hands actually), eyes, and yes, the brain, to complete the test.


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