Are Ontario's new distracted driving penalties changing dangerous behaviours?

Even after new laws aimed at distracted driving came into effect in Ontario in January 2019, the issue has continued to plague Ontarians.

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) recently pointed to distracted driving as one of the factors contributing to the ongoing rise in auto insurance rates in Canada, while in a survey released in May, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) found that 75% of Canadian drivers are distracted at the wheel.

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Nonetheless, drivers have taken note of the new fines and penalties for distracted driving, said one expert.

Notably in CAA SCO’s study, 45% of participants said that they often see others holding a mobile phone while driving. However, only 3% of respondents admitted to using their phones while behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, among those who drive for longer periods of time (90 minutes or more), 58% admitted that they would drive distracted. At the same time, of those who drive a highway daily, 54% of participants in the CAA SCO survey said they would drive distracted.

eBrake Prevents Distracted Driving

New technologies like eBrake help to reduce distracted driving. eBrake cannot be "gamed" or simply "turned off" by a driver when driving. Here are a few eBrake features:

  • Automatically locks device when motion is detected
  • Unique Passenger Unlock Test for when a driver happens to be a passenger
  • Driver cannot pretend to be a passenger and unlock device when driving
  • No hardware needed
  • Cost effective