4 tips to improve fleet safety

As a fleet manager, it’s important to protect your employees and vehicles. That’s why fleet safety is crucial – it’s your job to keep them safe. By following these five simple tips, you might not guarantee better fleet safety and lower accidents rates, but you'll certainly be heading in the right direction.

Update and modernize your safety policy

You likely have a safety policy but is it up to date? Make sure to put a limit on driver hours and have a vision plan in place. No amount of fleet safety training will help a driver who can’t see. Make policies specific, including driving records, consequences of DUIs, collision policies, license suspensions and poor vehicle care. All drivers should read and sign your safety policy. Send out safety newsletters to drivers as a reminder of your policies.

Implement a distracted driving solution

eBrake, is uniquely positioned to help reduce distracted driving in fleets and to protect employees from distracted driving crashes. It can also help protect from multi-million dollar liability lawsuits. eBrake is an effective tool to protect against distracted driving because, unlike other solutions in the market, eBrake cannot be "gamed" or simply "turned off" by a driver when driving. It blocks a driver from using their device while driving AND removes incoming notification distractions.

eBrake completely eliminates the temptation for a driver to pick up and use his device - be it to text, check social media, FaceTime ... anything. Not only does this greatly reduce the chances of a distracted driving-related crash, it gives fleet owners peace of mind knowing their drivers (and brand) are safe.

Prioritize preventive maintenance

Cutting costs by skipping recommended fleet vehicle maintenance may save money in the short term, but could be dangerous and cost you big time in the long run. Make sure your fleet vehicles go through regular inspections and stay up-to-date on recalls. Remember that regular maintenance improves your fleet’s performance, efficiency and safety.

Reward safe drivers

Incorporating a rewards program into the driver safety policy may be a good idea to reinforce good driving behaviour. It will give drivers an incentive to work towards and will help reduce accident rates. Good incentives could include payment plans, safety bonuses, additional vacation time or updated equipment for their vehicle.